A poem recited for Valentine’s Day but relevant always

If you were ever in a daze and too caught up to be amazed, would I take the time to feel your heartbeat?

And if your pulse in fact did stay in silence, paused and kept away, would my love betray and sway towards nothing?

If I say our time was waste and there were nothing but today, how could you ever trust that you should help me?

But does life persist in betrayal and when love insists, for reasons other than to prove that true love is naught but this?

These words that I write to you are my heartbeat and my love true, meant to show that in times low our souls are still related

And when these words grow on you, I hope that you will know their sooth as everything in life, but proof of their true meaning

For one should know in their heart aglow that love transcends connections deep, and is always here- when fury creeps in our sleeping hearts or when it sleeps as love restarts

I can always truly say that I love you

A peak into oPeration fiLL tHe worLd witH Positivity – A Rope (of Hope and Guidance)

Be taken away from this day and that day, into a time beyond these

The way the world is going these days, we need this, so please…


Please open this book and heed the light that shines from my soul, heart, and mind

Of oPeration: fiLL tHe worLd witH Positivity…

This is A Rope (of Hope and Guidance)



***I fight down the greed of my ego, and choose instead just to see the needs of the people

A light in shining armor; my body, and me- a knight***



Poem 13

I know we can go where we want to go

I know we can be what we want to be

As long as we are all good, we can exist peacefully


This is a call from me, recruiting

This is an effort from me in diluting

In the maze of possibility, positivity is the only key

Pick the key up and have success traveling through the tossing, stormy seas


Pick me up along the way

In your pocket I would like you to keep me

Up your sleeve I can be your secret immunity- and you for me


Dictating energies trumping the seeming impossibility of synergy



Poem 14

Caught up, but not trapped

I willingly attack the moment

My devotion is mapped

With fluid motion, I mill and adapt


Constantly floating

Yet, no lack in desire for the solution

My juxtaposing stance keeps me balanced, with life in my lap

Mind open, I do not close it

I let truth do that act


Constantly hoping and growing

No setbacks, for these words are my protein

Constant commotion, but I have little fear

Goodness my potion and my only consideration; happy times are always nearer

The way of persistence pestering my ear, but hardly does it pester, for I would rather persevere than let negativity fester


These words are the test of my conscience and I am consistently thinking ever more genuinely- faster than I was each day before

I must appease my master- I care more and more of every being as I free my ego letting it drip to the floor

How much further can I go?


I thought I was already here


As I realize and think of this more and more greatly every single day, I learn there are few limits when it comes to how much I can try to make people happy

Upon this steady climb I will stay


This is the steady climb of the peace-movement synapse, searching not for a climax but for when play will be forever more and life will shine of its every true color and evil will be doused, totally smothered



Poem 18

The revolution- I see it waiting behind your eyes


There is a strict, dissecting enterprise

I am waiting for this to be realized

For now, within you it hides

But the love can not forever be kept in disguise

It wants to epitomize life; it wants to fully rise

It wants to dance with the tides rather than being kept as occasional light


For now, eventual potentiality resides strides behind the times yet striding trying to surpass the hate, with all of its persevering might


The solution to this puzzle is there for all of us to find

We must search within our collective mind bright behind our eyes conveying to us all of the signs as collected through our vortexes of sight



Poem 142

I can repeat the same things- the same actions to achieve the same words describing the same dream and what will lead to its manifesting, over and over again- and I will, to fill the world with positivity- my true desire emanating



Poem 177

I am on a mission to assist in a great transition

Given the way the world has been going, I think I can leave my reasoning out of mention

The transition is from bad to good, war to peace, a way of suffering to a way of ease

We can simplify the means if only we all believe in the desire for good things


All people truly want to be freed


A transformation from hate and greed and every bad thing in between, to only positivity

All evil deeds of thought will cease, eliminating all inadvertent demons



***Please find the book for sale here: https://www.pl4h.com/product-page/operation-fill-the-world-with-positivity-a-rope-of-hope-and-guidance-1

PL4H Creations *End of 2018* UPDATES

I know I’ve been away for a while, and I wish it would have been possible for me to stick around and still get everything done that I got done in the time I was away, but with a newborn baby to take care of and multiple moves of residence, I had to choose my battles.  I have since organized my time to host more attentively my work for PL4H Creations, the company I started to publish my work but that I have decided to expand to cover everything I’m doing, since PL4H stands for Peace and Love for Happiness, and I’m trying to focus all of my efforts on spreading that.

So, on to the goods!!

We now have a website that I built, http://www.pl4h.com, that includes info on and links to everything we have available to the public, as well as some of our plans for the future.  There is also a community forum, where we can discuss with our fans and followers (you) how to move from here, what is important in the world, what is relevant to our fanbase, and really anything since there is even an off-topic section.  On the website, there is also a members-only area, where members can sign up and edit their own profiles and chat privately with other members and staff.  The website has a store, lots of info, an events section, and links to all of our blogs and social media, and some more tidbits.

oPeration fiLL tHe worLd witH Positivity – A Rope (of Hope and Guidance) is available for pre-ordering, finally!  212 poems to be available in print and shipped out upon printing, first to those who have pre-ordered.  It will be worth the read!

We are planning 2 release parties for the above-mentioned book- one in person and one live online.  The in-person party will also be a charity fundraiser and can be RSVP’d to via the events section on our website.  It will be in Orlando, so if you live there or will be visiting there this coming summer, 2019, we welcome all to make plans to attend!  It should be a grand event, complete with raffles, silent auctions, readings, signings, meetings, and discounts.

The live online show that was broadcast for 30+ episodes earlier this year, 2018, will be returning in February of next year, 2019!  You can check out the event details and RSVP via our website’s Events page.  There are plans to host it on a rotating schedule on the many social media live venues, rather than strictly hosting it on facebook live.  So if you never checked it out because you don’t use facebook much, but you use Instagram, twitter, or YouTube, you’re in luck!

And the last bit of news I have for you, but certainly not the least important, is that the Happiness Factory poetry eBook is now available for free!  You can download it via the store on our website.  Use the promo code FREE at checkout to nix the $1 cost, and download it to your device and get to reading!

That’s all for now.  But follow the blog here for more updates in the future.  Peace and Love for Happiness!  Break away from sorrow…

Aaron J Kaplan


Done (the song) *PREMIERE*

I just finished a new type of project for me: a musical collaboration with my father! And, as has been the usual for accompanying visual art, my beautiful wife and I collaborated.

The song is in remembrance of those who have passed due to violence, honor and support of those who stand up against violence, prayer to protect those who may have to face violence in the future, and activism against those who wield violence against others. Violence can slip away into the past and rot away with no company, and not a soul will grieve.


My almost-Daily Positive Take, post 12

History repeats itself, but not always literally.  Though the history of life is not a very pretty one- and is instead one which nobody would actually want to happen over again if we had the chance- and certain lessons and happenings are sure to be mimicked in the future, we have the capability of adapting those recurrences to being desirable versions of ones which have already happened.

We can be opportunistic and mold the future how we want it to be, or we can sit back and let ourselves relive lessons that have already happened, which are there for us to look back on and learn from before we are confronted with similar situations.

We are capable beings, and can always take action in order to make life give us opportunities that are desirable.  We are the mind of life; it does not have a mind of its own or an evil agenda.  We can live how we want.  It simply takes positive input for us to receive desirable opportunities, and is absolutely worth the work!