The Human and the Plains of Eden- Chp. 1 to Chp. 14

These plains have tall grasses, full of Life all in coexistence.  This land stretches further than the eye can see, and these skies are always empty of rain.  Water finds its way here, underground, and feeds the grass and quenches the thirst of the animals that want it and dig it up.  Water was supplied before time began.

These lands are flat and sustaining.

I live here, prancing amongst all of the other Life.  This is my home, and has been since I can remember.  I do not know what I can not remember- there is nobody here to tell me.

I shepherd; I am the wind.  I feed off of the Sun’s rays.  I keep Peace; I am a diplomat.  I have seen many things, many days.  I have seen many moons.

I am a human- The Human.


The Human and the Plains of Eden



Chp. 1- A Caterpillar’s Trick


This day was just another day on these plains, but not for a certain somebody.  Amelia, as we will call her, was ready to pop, to be free!  All of a sudden, however, she thought of me, and thought to me.  I felt her.

‘And who is this?’ I thought at the presence:


‘Are you sure you want to ask that?’ was the response I received.


I know the babies here are bred to be scared of everything (just a test), so I assumed the voice was from a baby, and not domineering.  ‘I am sure,’ I replied, and immediately saw a butterfly making its way into my view.  “Oh, hi there pretty butterfly!  Do you know what you are?!” I called aloud.


‘I do now,’ came from a thought deep in my mind.


‘You do now what?’ I replied to the thought.


‘I know what I am!’ As this thought crossed my mind, the butterfly in front of me vanished, and was replaced with another thought: ‘I am you.’


‘You are me?’ I asked.


‘I am you right now, but still me.  I am just in you with no control.  Want to be in me?’ came back to me.


‘Are you the butterfly?’ I thought to the welcome and not-annoying parasite.


Nothing.  No words came in response.


I remember next feeling an ecstasy, being pulled every which way as if floating, and then I started flapping wings, and realized I had become the butterfly.


‘So, who were you?  Or, what were you?’ entered my mind, and I realized I could not see- I could only feel.  I could not think for the butterfly- our minds were separate.


‘I was a human who was just talking to a butterfly, who I think is you.  Are you a butterfly?’ I thought to the voice.


‘That’s what you call me, at least,’ I heard, and, with that, I was reunited with my human body, with the butterfly once again in front of me but a few paces back from where it had disappeared.  That next time, I did not speak to it- as I tried to suppress my laughter- and it did not disappear.  ‘Think about it.’ I heard in my mind as it passed by.


These plains are a breeding ground.  Things die here but are instantly reborn as something more magnificent each time. (I, on the other hand, never die; I sleep, but I never lose my memory.)



Chp. 2- Almost


I had been running for days.  These plains are endless.  I had received word of the birth of a very powerful creature.  There was somewhere to be.

Night and day, through the tall grasses I ran, never giving up any speed.  I was not tired.  I had a destination.  It called to me.  I was like a smaller body gravitating towards a larger one.

The being had a strong mind, like mine.  It held a large presence.  There was much commotion over its birth.  I was deeply affected.

I did not stop; no thirst or hunger to quench.  I fed on the bustling energy of the plains alone.  I was running through a low forest of all different physical facets of Life: flowers, shrubs, animals- one large family existing amongst the same beauty.  I did not have time to take it all in; I had to reach the birthing ceremony that had commenced and make my impression.


The sky was red.  The air was hot and still.  A fire was pulling in much of the energy from the plains.  The Earth beneath my feet was rumbling.  My heart was racing.  I could feel her.

As I approached, the crowd parted.  I could see a shape, similar to mine, protruding from the ground.  The ground around it was stretched around the creature’s body.

An arm broke free; the fire slightly subsided.  Another arm; more withdrawal from the fire which was protruding from the Earth around the newborn- all we could see was a shadow struggling with the stretched Earth.

As the head jerked in to an upright position, the fire died, leaving a human woman standing- naked and dirty- atop a pile of mud and grass that was slowly growing as she struggled to remove her Earthly covering.


I awoke excited, hoping to experience something similar in my waking life.  As I opened my eyes, I noticed a red sky.  I noticed a pulling on my mind.  I jumped up and began to run towards whatever it was that was pulling me in.

Same lands as in my dream.  Same creatures.  I knew my world.  The presence, however, felt different than in my dream- it was a more powerful creature than me.

I was witnessing the physical birthing of a very old thing.  The creature could be anything in body, but it would be a precious and loving entity, as it always had been.

I reached a point in my run where I almost woke up, but I held on to my dream and lived for years with a best friend embodied as a dog who, birthed of the ground how all things are born here (as in my first dream) and in keeping with its mind as it was prior to its birth as a dog, put an end to death.

Things did not die, and animals grew towards the sky.

I woke up wishing that Life didn’t die to leave and get sucked in by the Earth.

‘But than there wouldn’t be a you, silly human.’ I heard in my head.



Chp. 3- Suncast Shadows


Light is a void of the typical nothingness that takes up most space.  A deterrent of light casts a shadow- darker than nothingness.

Somethingness comes from the Sun, as light.


A void, or not?


Regardless, the ground here is full of shadows.  Every day, wherever the Sun is directly overhead, the ground gets bright and hot.  This sunspot is the only void of shadows over the whole of these plains, I would assume.


I do not know the true extent of these plains.  There are no landmarks.  I am lost somewhere in “the middle.”



Chp. 4- A Journey; Through the Fields


I felt a breeze blowing past me.  There was a swishing noise as the grasses were ruffled.  Omens were being carried; movement would follow.

As the wind subsided, in its wake fled millions of creatures from their underground homes.  There was news to spread.  I was moved and so began on my way.

I did not know what news the breeze had brought; I only knew which direction I should go.

I walked.  Sometimes I ran.  I held a quick pace, yet still I saw many things.


Motion.  Energies flowing.  The great wheels of Life were turning- always turning.  Minds connected to the perpetual movement, willfully following in this happy place.

I was connected.  These plains were pulling and pushing on my mind as I moved through them.  I was being guided, simply following my instinct.

The news all over my mind was being spread as I made my way away from, towards, past many creatures.  I had nowhere to be, besides wherever I was as Life was bringing me.  The journey was the goal.  I was happy, but I was not grateful.



Chp. FIVE- Now


I sleep.  I write to you from my dreams, in a place made just for this.  I live parts of my life past in my sleep and come to this place to tell of them.

I have learned the skill of writing- as of many things- by myself.  Maybe I learn along with humans in other places- our minds connected.



Chp. 6- Digging up Water


Water- as does everything- heats in the Sun.  Under the sunspot of these plains, it boils.  On these plains, it does not evaporate into the skies, and so creates a magnificently warm and misty dome full of rainbows whenever exposed to the sunspot.

On this day, my mission was to create one such dome, and nap amongst the rainbows.

I took off in the direction of the Sun, hoping to catch it.

I trotted.  I had to cut the Sun off on its trajectory over these plains.  I waited until the Sun peaked the horizon before starting my trek.  I did not know any patterns of the Sun, other than straight across the sky- up, over, down.  There are no markers in these fields and no known borders.  I had to wait until I figured out the trajectory before departing.

Animals were migrating.  Everything was on the move.  We all had boundless energy come from these plains.  No sleep was necessary, but some took it.  (I, for one, sometimes slept.  It felt good.  I had many dreams and felt many funny things in my waking state.)  Many creatures were waking up, many were going to sleep, many were sleeping, and the rest were moving around.

They were going everywhere, or nowhere, depending on how you think of it: they had no destination other than the movement itself.

On this day, I had a destination- a physical one, albeit malleable, although I suppose the trajectory is concrete.  I trotted.  I would reach a cutoff point before the sunspot hit it, and I would dig up water through the Earth; I would dig and dig until the Sun reached it.


The skies were full of flying things.  They moved with the wind, in and out of pockets in the air.  I dug below them, wind on my cheek.

The muddy Earth just below the surface came up easily, until I had dug a wide pool of water.

The Sun was on its way.


The water began to heat.  I bathed in it until it became too hot, and then I sat on the banks of my creation, breathing in misty air and watching rainbows move about me until the world of water around me rushed back towards Earth to be with its underground Mother, and I dozed off.


(Life is a miracle- so are science and its Laws.  What if those Laws were different?)



Chp. 7- Water Vibrations


I decided to go for a swim.  I needed to find a pool dug up by a herd, for my mission was to swim, and not to dig.  I went on my way.

I looked forward to the water that was pulling on my mind; I would melt into the pool, and melt I did.


The pool was empty when I arrived, if you exclude the water molecules, which may or may not have souls.  Other animals would pass through, swimming and drinking, until the elements covered the pool and sucked the water back in.


(Unlike many other animals that would pass by the pool, I had sought it out knowing I could find one, knowing that they exist.  Many animals are living lives of a completely different style, simply experiencing what they may.  I, on the other hand, look forward to things, plan things out, and remember things.)


I remembered how water felt as I waded in and my soul became one with the substance.  I felt the energies of these plains roaring through the still waters.  The energies rushed through me, igniting my fire within, pulling my mind in every direction.  I embraced the feeling and melted.

I floated on the surface, vibrating inside with the high frequency of the plains existence.  I could feel nothing else.  The Sun on my face went unnoticed.  The wind flowing over my body was, to me, nonexistent.  Even the very water all around me- then the source of my ecstasy- was nothing.  It felt as if my mind had left my body and become one with the mind of the plains, connected by that pool.  I did not notice as the pool filled with other Life.


Birds floated on the surface, alongside me.  Snakes slithered around me.  Coyote stood knees deep.  I took it all in as my eyes opened and my mind connected to my newly created perception of my surroundings.  My brain descended from its state as it was while one with the plains vibrations, and I greeted the Sun on my face, the wind over my body, the sloshing water surrounding me.

These lands are beautiful, and knowing nothing else, I did take for granted.



Chp. 8- A Stroll Under Stars


I awoke under a magnificent, star-strewn sky.  I decided to go for a stroll underneath that canopy of speckled light.

The air was cool, yet perfect as always.  There was a light breeze leading the way for me on this night.  I went with the breeze, and sometimes I went against it.  I could feel my presence affecting the world around me as I moved in relation to the wind.  I wondered at the effect my presence amongst the shifting lights in the sky had on this world.

I took in the world above me, wondering about what might be up there.  I saw this world in motion and was in awe at the powerful force the sky must have pulling on these plains.  What if there was no sky?  What would be of these plains and of all the Life here?  What would be in the sky’s place, seeing as the sky touches the ground?  Are we part of the sky, or are we of a separate material?

What is the Sun compared with those other stars in the sky?  Why is it so big and where does it go at night as it leaves us with the other stars?

All of these questions flew through my mind as I took in the unknown world surrounding me.


There is so much mystery in everything.



Chp. 9- These Plains have Eyes


These grasses are alive: they feel everything, moving with the wind and understanding the ebb and flow; they take in information from the Sun and move that information over the land; they receive information back from the land and send it up to the Sun.  We get exactly what we need here.



Chp. 10- To Please an Elephant


I was lying on my back, staring up and in to the deeply curious eyes of a beast.  This was where I woke up, and these eyes were what I woke up to.


‘What are you?’ I heard in my head, as the creature’s nose touched mine, and rested there.


‘I am a human,’ I responded with a thought.  ‘Who are you?’


‘I am the elephant,’ I received in response.


‘What elephant?’ I replied.


‘The one in front of you,’ and with that, the eyes in front of me slowly retreated, and I saw a rough, gray face- the same roughness I had felt on my nose just a moment before, but visible.


“Oh, hello elephant!” I exclaimed out loud.


‘Hello human,’ came back to me, as a thought.  Then, ‘want to join my herd?’  The elephant stepped back, revealing hundreds of elephants, zebras, horses, rabbits, snakes, all moving on the ground.  The skies above were filled with eagles, seagulls, black birds, white birds, yellow birds…

There were more animals than there was grass around me; so much noise that I heard nothing without focusing my attention on any specific area.

Frogs were jumping.  Snakes were slithering.  Monkeys were running.  Nothing was paying attention to me besides the elephant, and a few nearby creatures.

This mass of life was going nowhere in particular- it was buzzing with joy and excitement in place, all around me.

I began to get up, when the elephant put a foot on my chest- pinning me down- and I heard in my head: ‘Wait right there.  Want to play a game?’


‘I do,’ I thought back at the head-voice, the thought, as my body relaxed, once again laying down comfortably, but then under the foot of the elephant.


‘Say ‘I do’ out loud,’ came back to me.


“I do,” I repeated, this time out loud.


The elephant lifted its foot and trunk at the same time, and made a loud horn-like noise that filled the vortex of sound around me.

As the elephant lowered its foot to the ground near me, I heard: ‘Well that was cool, human,’ as a thought, as the elephant bowed its head and closed its eyes, trunk falling all at the same time.



Chp. 11- To be Light


This dream had been recurring:


I would be in a tunnel: dark with red light, and long, empty but full, mirrors lining the assumed walls, to look at the self and see to the soul.  I would feel like I was on solid ground, though maybe I was floating… I could not tell how wide the tunnel was.

I would get hotter as the tunnel would get brighter.  A fire would erupt into my sight, out of reach but reaching with its red rays of light.  The fire would continue approaching until it would consume me, and I would feel its warmth throughout my body.

The fire would come from everywhere and produce no smoke; the flames white, with red highlights; the light all-encompassing, and I would become the fire, as I did not notice myself- my body- while dreaming.

I would feel total bliss; a nothingness and completeness at the same time, along with a lack of any worry.  I would close my eyes and feel my own warmth filling the tunnel, and I would feel the air as it stoked me.


I would wake into another dream- outside the tunnel, suspended in the air, watching myself, the fire.  I would feel as I had moments before while inside the tunnel, but, watching from afar, I would be surrounded by darkness, my light away from me.  I would imagine a body and one would materialize around me.

I would produce light that would extend the entire cosmos of what my mind could imagine.  I would see nothing but white light.

I was greater than a fire.  I was many fires.  I was exploding over and over again, many times simultaneously, and I did nothing but feel and see myself far, far away.

I would wish to see past myself, and I would not be able to.  Instead, I would wake up.



Chp. 12- Endless Skies of Water


I was once again walking the fields of these plains, but this time it was raining.  Rainbows filled the skies; water splashed upon the leaking Earth.  There were no birds, though I did not realize this until later.  My always-naked body was covered with mud.

I looked straight up and in to the sky.  It went on forever, but where did the rain start?  I pondered this until I woke up.


‘Why does it not rain here?’ I thought to myself.


‘Why does it need to rain?’ I got back. ‘We get what we need, here.’



Chp. 13- A Death Sleep


Long lives are lived here, but today was the day to leave these plains- to go somewhere else- for one Elroy, a stalking Heron.  He was tired and ready to give up flight.


This occurrence was different for every being, but for Elroy’s departure I was present and receptive.  I was at full attention when an ethereal shape (his soul)- invisible to my eyes, but felt by my mind- detached and floated upward from his physical body which disappeared slowly as his soul lifted itself.


Everything fell asleep; a temporary, total death to the plains.

Are our bodies there when our attention is not focused there?  Do our minds know spatial limits?  Do parts of our minds wander the cosmos?  Or is an individual mind wholly one, along with a physical manifestation, a body?  I wonder these things when I awaken from a “death sleep.”



Chp. 14- The Wind


The wind

It blows

So serene


It blows

Through our minds; through our dreams


It blows to my nose, and I breathe, learning things



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