Psychadelia TEASER

Rooted we are to the moment of first being

Growing into an ever-evolving future so freely

Here we are, trees though we breathe, with lungs and not leaves

Gather initial potentiality

Do with it what ought to be

Fight the false powers of negativity

Free our minds and bring serenity

Love was- and is- the hope of all beings, and the desire is locked deep into our hearts, guarded by a key that can never be found.  To resist this Love is futile and only brings upon darkness.

Life is a lock- forged of the most precious energies- which can not be broken or diminished.  It can not be trivialized or made to seem insignificant.  It can only radiate true Love or hide these feelings away for later times.

Hyperactive energy flow

Rays of Love shooting through the cosmos

Light and righteousness hand in hand as they go journeying on missions of hope, never broken in their bond

Crossing borders that I would have never thought existed with a cost

But I pay my way and on I drive

There is nothing more powerful than ones mind.  With it, we build everything that exists.  We create our world with every thought we work through, and this is why it is so imperative to think positively, of Peace and Harmony, and to move forward with only good intentions.

Every decision we make leads to action, and so every action is based on our will- to do right or wrong.  If we exert bad intentions through our action, we drag the world down in negativity, creating a more difficult journey for us and our fellow living creatures.

Swirling in and out of consciousness

Sleep has me in its grasp

I am a slave to repetition

I go out and come right back

To my bed do I travel, day in and day out, so I make the most of my life track

During my time awake I listen

My time asleep is well spent, for when I wake I gasp

Immediately upon waking I remember my vow, to make the most of my time lucid and not be daunted by unhappiness


Published by

Aaron J "PL4H" Kaplan

Word artist and creator of other things, spreading peace and love, for happiness

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