Operation Fill the World With Positivity poems 102 and 77


Break away from sorrow

See beauty in the rain

Eliminate the pain

Make peace sway tomorrow

Be shelter for another

Rather, help build solace for all

Never drop the ball

We will be perfect together, letting evil be smothered


No shortage of words

Conversation, of a splurge spewing

What else is there to be doing?


Love has been brewing

Allow it to pour

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Drop hatred to the floor

Stomp it down, and so allow love to flow even more

Try not to disguise the love that has been in hiding

Allow your heart its excitement- it is writhing

Heaven colliding with the world we know

There is nothing less than adoration at our door

Allow peace to be yours and usher in the sweet honey flow

No longer will happiness be only over yonder


Published by

Aaron J "PL4H" Kaplan

Word artist and creator of other things, spreading peace and love, for happiness

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