My almost-Daily Positive Take, post 12

History repeats itself, but not always literally.  Though the history of life is not a very pretty one- and is instead one which nobody would actually want to happen over again if we had the chance- and certain lessons and happenings are sure to be mimicked in the future, we have the capability of adapting those recurrences to being desirable versions of ones which have already happened.

We can be opportunistic and mold the future how we want it to be, or we can sit back and let ourselves relive lessons that have already happened, which are there for us to look back on and learn from before we are confronted with similar situations.

We are capable beings, and can always take action in order to make life give us opportunities that are desirable.  We are the mind of life; it does not have a mind of its own or an evil agenda.  We can live how we want.  It simply takes positive input for us to receive desirable opportunities, and is absolutely worth the work!


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