My Current Art Life

For the past several years, I have been stacking up more and more writing projects, music projects, and many projects spanning many art forms. All in all, I have accumulated over 20 projects that I have started, that are on my mind always, and that I am slowly chipping away at, at all times. And the ideas for new projects just keep flowing! I have finished some things, but it’s tough being patient as I must be, as every time I get really adamant on finishing something, it is usually only to have that inspiration and motivation come to a screeching halt as wrenches are thrown at  me at all times from all of my other projects, as new ideas come to me for those other projects.

I hope that all sounds hectic to you, my friends, because, if so, than I have explained it well. Throw in family life and survival (and then publicizing my work through social media) and it really becomes almost unreal, but it is my life. All of the slots for passion and hobbies in my life have been filled, as my hobbies have turned into passions and become projects, and so, though my life is extremely hectic, it is a controlled mania that I thoroughly enjoy whenever I am being productive. When I am not being productive, it is mayhem in my mind, and that is a very dangerous place to remain in for long. Either way, whether for fun or productivity, I am motivated at all times to really persevere and get my work worked on.

So, with that explanation, this post is for insight into my current projects for my fans and followers out there, and I will begin with what I am trying to maintain my focus on as my primary works until they are complete:

Love Trap- This is a positive influence hardcore HipHop/Trap album that I have been working on for more than a year. It is ready for reproduction on professional equipment, and so I have launched a campaign to raise funds through Kickstarter, where I am in between an unsuccessful first campaign and the launch of a reworked second. I have been brainstorming ways to get in pledges, and have some new, big ideas for this upcoming second attempt. Once I raise the funds to reproduce, I can finish up the album and release it!

The Fortune- I am more than halfway done with the first book of this epic trilogy, and have recently picked it back up as a primary project. The premise is a healing of the world as brought upon by a great journey participated in by all members of the magical society in the story- a people that have nothing but each other, the Earth, their anxieties of an impending future, and their hopes for that future. This first book is of their healing journey- from the town of Tonon to The Woods; from anxiety to freedom and peace of mind; from hopeful to fulfilled.

Performance- I am preparing to begin performing again… I gave it a mediocre go before, but am more ready now, and will be taking my poetry and music to the stage. I have also been performing twice a week live on Facebook, which is helping me to build confidence performing for an audience.

Publicizing my work- Aside from live performances to promote my art, I have printed fliers with some information on how to follow me, and some poetry to entertain those who I give the fliers to. The featured image of this post is a picture of one of those fliers. I am looking to some successful fliering at local colleges and relevant events.

PL4H Creations- In the works of becoming my publishing company and record label, founded by me for purposes of publishing myself exclusively, initially. But, I am setting it up to eventually be able to help other “Positivity Artists and hobbyists,” with intentions of getting more good works into the world and getting some added exposure for people doing good works, whether they be a once-in-a-while poet or a full-fledged, touring artist. The idea is that I will publish based only on single work contracts, in order to keep the sponsored work focused and attentive to positivity.

A Rope (of Hope and Guidance)- I’m in the works of finishing up my hard copy presentation of this first published book of my original poetry. So far only published in e-format, this book is almost ready for the next step!

Happiness Factory Acoustic- For my second published book of poetry, I am writing an album of my acoustic guitar and voice to go along with the sale of the hard copy version of the book. The songs are coming along well, and I have been performing them live online on my Facebook artist page.

Vlog- I have been planning and preparing to launch a daily vlog and some other series ideas on my YouTube channel.

And everything else is to be worked on later, besides when ideas come to me that I can’t ignore, when I must revise current drafts before putting those projects back aside.

Follow my main blog site for news regarding the progress of all of these projects! Also, on the about page of that blog, you can find links to my entire internet presence.

Much excitement!


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Aaron J "PL4H" Kaplan

Word artist and creator of other things, spreading peace and love, for happiness

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